Features made for you

We had the requirement to mirror yum and apt repositories in a reliable way. Also we had the need to maintain custom repositories with custom packages. So we decided to build repositor.io.

All the features in repositor.io is driven by its community. So if you miss some functions please feel free to report your requirement on Github.

repositor.io supported repositories

  • Debian (apt)
  • Ubuntu (apt)
  • CentOS (yum)
  • RedHat (yum)
  • OpenSuSE (yast mirroring, yum custom repositories)
  • Docker (private docker registry)

Proxy support to save bandwith

The webserver of repositor.io supports proxying of packages. This allows you to save bandwith and diskspace because repositorio will only store the files you really needs.

See the proxy documentation to see how you can configure this feature.